Flash games for children.

The Internet and innovative technologies have changed the life of modern man beyond recognition, including in the field of entertainment and parenting.

Some parents are concerned about the infatuation of offspring with computer games. They are convinced that such entertainment adversely affects the development of the child. But video games, like any kind of interactive technologies, have not only drawbacks, but also advantages. Negative aspects of such entertainment can only appear if the kid is immersed in the game process for a long time period. Unfavorably affects the child’s psyche and illiterate chosen subjects of entertainment. To prevent video games from harming the child, parents should choose them for their child and control the time the child spends on the virtual game.

About the benefits of computer entertainment is said very little, while their danger is like to prevent television programs, scientific journals and articles on the Internet. But the pros of virtual games, of course, there are people who need to know about them. Researchers from America selected a group of children who had difficulty in mastering the necessary reading skills and offered them to do some action games for a while. The results of the experiment impressed the learned men. The fact is that children after games became much quicker to read and more productive to remember what they read. Researchers explain this phenomenon by the fact that during the computer game the child concentrates attention, which has a positive effect on reading skills.

Skills of creativity in the child are developed through coloring, music entertainment, as well as rework. In this case, the error in choosing the correct shade is easily corrected. In the musical game, the child repeats the sounding melodies. This has a positive effect on the musical rumor of a little man and may even prompt him to come up with his own musical composition. In alterations, a child can in his own way surround a virtual room, while acquiring design abilities.

Entertaining online games, the child learns to correctly assess the situation, to independently leave it. He improves memory, logical thinking, widens his horizons. He learns about the existence of a huge number of professions and, if desired, can try on some of them for himself. Games introduce him to natural phenomena, interesting events and activities. As a result, the crumb fully develops, manifests its capabilities and learns to adapt in our complex world.